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A bright idea of the managers of the insurer Bulstrad has turned something ordinary into a pleasant surprise. At that, not only for the company's clients, shareholders and partners, but also for people who are not interested in the insurance business and in Bulstrad in particular, e.g. ... bibliophiles. The brilliantly designed booklet with the company's annual report for 2002 has an exlibris. In view of the small total print of the publication, this book label, stuck on the second paperback of the report and bearing the owner's name, makes the booklet a bibliographic rarety. The fine graphics, drawn by the artist Onnik Karanfilyan, is a kind of a philosophical summary of the activities of one of the biggest Bulgarian insurers over the last ten years. It's worthless to describe a drawing, although such an attempt has been made on the last page of the booklet. It should be just seen. However, it's worthwhile to say that Bulstrad's exlibris beams optimism - quite a scarce commodity in the Bulgarian transition period. In fact, the figures in the company's report are also optimistic.

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