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The Executive Director of the Bank Consolidation Company (BCC) Nelly Kordovska announced that the BCC has not yet received the BGN30MN, due to it from the sale in end-May 2002 of the bankrupt Varna Shipyard's assets. The money paid by the buyer - Navigation Maritime Bulgare - is still deposited in the account of the shipyard's trustee in bankruptcy in Corporative Bank. By law, the bank can remit the money to the BCC only after the Varna District Court approves the account for distribution, proposed by the trustee in bankruptcy.BNB's Vice Governor Emiliya Milanova informed the BANKER weekly that the requirements to the curators in credit institutions would be considerably changed in the autumn when significant amendments to the Banking Act are due to be passed. Presently, curators in some banks control a large part of the activities and sometimes it is them and not the executive directors who manage the bank, Ms. Milanova commented in front of the BANKER weekly. One of the versions for amendments to the law stipulates limitation of the curators' rights, so that they could control banks' branch offices only. The other option is not to limit their rights, but then we'll set the same requirements to their education and qualification as we put to the members of banks' management boards and boards of directors, Ms. Milanova specified.With the aristocratism characteristic of him BNB's Governor Svetoslav Gavrijsky repelled the attacks of the MPs from the National Movement Simeon II (NMSII) Anelly Chobanova and Lyubomir Panteleev, who accused him in nearly all mortal sins because of the central bank's intention to close down its regional branch offices in Rousse, Bourgas and Vratsa. In that connection Ms. Chobanova and Mr. Panteleev together with three more deputies from the NMSII demand amendments to the BNB Act, stipulating that the closure of its regional structures should be approved by Parliament. The resonos for closing down the branch offices are not political. We'll shut them down because they are infficient in servicing the money flows in the Bourgas, Rousse and Vratsa region, Mr. Gavrijsky replied to the attacks.

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