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More than 95,000 tonnes of wheat from the new crop have been exported since the beginning of the harvest, Milen Bankov, Director of the National Grain Service, announced. Another 2,400 tonnes, intended for export are being loaded now at the Bourgas Port, the National Grain Service added. Harvesting in the country has almost been completed - 93.7% of the grain fields have been reaped. According to experts, the statements of some branch organizations that 80% of the yield has the quality of fodder, are far-fetched. They specified that the grain they have qualified so far is not of sufficient quantity. The Sofia Commodity Exchange informed that fodder wheat presently quotes at USD55/t on the international commodity markets. Agricultural producers from the town of Isperih have so far exported almost 11,000 tonnes of milling wheat from the 2002 crop, selling it at the most profitable price - EUR104/tonne.

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