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Greece officially accepted Bulgaria's requirement for a 33-percent share participation in the Bourgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Hasan Hasan announced. Russia, which is the third side in the project, also agreed with Bulgaria's demand. The date for signing the memorandum between the three countries has not been fixed yet. It is neither clear how each of the countries will be dictributing its share participation. Deputy Premier and Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Kostadin Paskalev said that the official Bulgarian position was the proposal for establishing a company between the three countries, but his deputy Hasa Hasan supported Greece's idea to distribute each country's shares between private companies. During the week Mr. Hasan explained that the Government was yet to specify which companies would distribute between themselves Bulgaria's share.Israel is also interested in Bulgarian Posts, the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Plamen Petrov announced. So far only the Canadian and Dutch posts have officially declared intentions for getting the state-owned Bulgarian posts on concession or managing them. The future concessionaires of the posts will be able to use their infrastructure for trade, insurance and services as well.All one-time permissions for transportation of cargoes through Bulgaria's territory will already cost BGN15 as per the Cabinet-approved amendments to Tariff No 5. A certificate for transportation of passengers and cargoes can be obtained against BGN200, and BGN10 will be charged for vehicles registration.The Czech Republic will put up for sale its national telecom after the elections in mid-June. This became clear after the Czech Government did not approve the offers, submitted by two consortia, topped by Deutsche Bank and Swisscom. The purchase bids stood at CZK60BN, way down from the expected CZK80BN. According to representatives of the candidates, however, such a price is unrealistic, because the profits of thr Czech telecom is persistently going down with the liberalization of the sector.

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