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The commission for choosing projects to be financed by the SAPARD programme approved on Wednesday (July 9) 88 new projects whose investment value amounts to BGN44MN. Thus, the total size of investments in agriculture over the last three years reached BGN400,000 the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced. The ministry reported that subsidies for another 30 projects worth a total of BGN17.5MN were paid in June. With them the number of projects, fully implemented under SAPARD, became 205, for which the budget and the EU have extended a total of BGN53.5MN.Investments in farms are still the most popular among agricultural producers. The commission has approved recently 62 such projects, and the money released for them will exceed BGN27MN. Another 10 projects for processing of farm products have been approved. Their investment value amounts to BGN13MN. BGN3.5MN will go to the country tourism sector. The money is earmarked for building a new family hotel, construction work, and refurbishing of buildings, repair of dry houses and carpenter's workshops.

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