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Sopharma has successfully sold its first private uncollateralized issue of 3-year corporate bonds of EUR5MN par value. Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) was the lead manager and underwriter. The securities have an annual, floating coupon, amounting to a 6-month EURIBOR plus 300 basic points, payable each six months. The par value is EUR1,000/apiece. Sopharma is expected to offer the bonds for secondary trade on the floor of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.At a public tender, held on June 22, Industrial Stroy OOD purchased 8% of the capital of Vidachim AD against BGN23,000 in non-cash instruments of payment. Five candidates took part in the bidding. Industrial Stroy OOD is owned by Georgi Hristozov (Executive Director of Vidachim) and Micromet EOOD (owned by Borislav Lorinkov, curator of Vidachim). The Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) has promised to Biovet AD - Peshtera to acquire part of the long-term tangible and intangible assets of Balkanpharma - Razgrad AD, connected with the production and sale of veterinary products. The Privatisation Agency (PA) sold the Central Heating Utility Pravets EOOD and three companies for road maintenance - in Godech, Veliko Tirnovo, and Berkovitsa - during four tenders, held on July 6. The PA got a total of BGN6MN from their sale. Energy and Computer Systems EOOD - Sofia is the new owner of the Central Heating Utility Pravets, Elatsite Med AD acquired Road Maintenance Godech, the company in Gorna Oryahovitsa was purchased by Sole Trader Bagra Vitanov, and Road Maintenance Berkovitsa EOOD - by Geotechmin Consult and Engineering OOD - Sofia.On June 8 Economy Minister Milko Kovachev signed a contract with the German company Lindner and its Bulgarian subsidiary Business Park Sofia. The contract is for the implementation of Lindner's BGN150MN investment plan in Bulgaria and construction of the elements of technical infrastructure by the Ministry of Economy. Lindner is the first company which was granted a certificate for first class investor in compliance with the Encouragement of Investments Act.

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