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The Privatisation Agency (PA) extended till January 31 the term for submission of offers for the sale of 75% of the capital of eight firms within the structure of Terem. The candidate-buyers may present documentation for admission to the other stages of the tender till January 21. The Municipality of Nessebar and the Union of Hoteliers in the Sunny beach resort set up the Sunny Beach 2005 joint venture for the purpose of buying the infrastructure of the leisure industry complex.The new company will be managed by the jurist Diyan Stoyanov, who represents the Municipality of Nessebar, and Stamat Stamatov, former head of MMS Primorsko, representing the Union of Hoteliers. On the demand of First Investment Bank (FIB) a bailiff entered the former military plant in Dobrich, Han Asparouh. The Russian company Belarus Agrotechnika Export is a majority owner of the enterprise. Han Ahparouh's debts to the bank amount to USD1.5MN. Terem has also filed claimed USD1.8MN from the plant.The cement mill in the village of Beli Izvor, owned by the Swiss company Holsim, reported a 40% growth in 2004. Holsim AD has 265 plants in more than 70 countries and is among the biggest global producers of cement, inert materials and concrete. The mill in Beli Izvor employs 490 people. In end-2004 Holsim Bulgaria bought also the Pleven-based cement mill from the Greek company Titan. Sopharma has purchased a 9.99% stake in the second largest distributor of medicines, Kaliman RT, Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia announced. The pharmaceutical company has also acquired Seiba, the top chain of pharmacies and drug-stores in the country.At their general meeting, scheduled for January 25, the shareholders in Enemona - Start of Kozlodoui will make a decision to register the company as a public entity and will approve changes in its Board of Directors.

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