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The Ministry of Economy is going to launch between BGN10,000 and BGN15,000 for the implementation of 35 business plans selected in a competition. All candidates come from the regions of Vidin, Shoumen, Silistra, and Dobrich.A Swiss company intends to rent the production installations of the Vratsa-based Chimko fertilizer plant. Representatives of the company paid a visit to the combine.The Privatisation Agency (PA) announced an open tender for the sale of the Minyor mine. The mine is an independent part of the Kolosh-BD-Bobov Dol company declared in liquidation. The initial tender price amounts to BGN450,000. Kolosh - BD will receive 90% of the sale revenues.The privatising agency will try to sell on a tender the Etropole-based Mechano-Instrumental Plant which is a separate part of the Sofia-based Medical Equipment company. Bidding will start at BGN39,000.The metallurgical plant Promet Steal AD, based in Debelt, was granted complex permission to prevent and control pollution. The company is the first in the ferrous metallurgy to get this type of a document.Varimpex OOD invested more than BGN2MN in the reconstruction of the five-star Musala Palace Hotel in Varna. The hotel was built in 1912.The military repair plant Ivailo became an independent trade company. So far it has been part of Terem. The restructuring was carried out due to a decision of the Ministry of Defence to transform Terem into a holding. Engineer Stanislav Rashkov will be the executive director of the new company.Sofia Hotel Balkan, owner of the Sheraton hotel, ended the first half of 2004 at a profit amounting to BGN1.381MN. For the same period of 2003 the company has had a higher profit almost reaching BGN2MN. Proxima IO EOOD syndic Anelia Srundeva will offer vehicles and assets of the company for a public sale on August 11. Their total value will be about BGN1,000.

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