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The Kremikovtsi iron and steel works is planning to establish a joint-venture with the Russian Kriogenmash company. The joint-venture will build new production capacities for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and hydrogen. The amount of the investment will be known in September.The Privatisation Agency (PA) invited an open tender for the sale of four independent units of the Sofia-based Vointech company. The initial sale price of the Initial Military Training School in the village of Christiyanovo amounts to BGN79,000. The Montana-based Auto Moto Range will be sold for at least BGN57,000. Bidding for the Sea Club in the village of Bryagovo will start at BGN43,000 and that for the Sofia-based Radio Club - at BGN36,000.The PA will also try to sell the Pazardzhik-based Wholesale company at a tender. Potential buyers will apply by offering at least BGN450,000. The company owns 14 production buildings and one administrative unit located on 7,000 sq. m. The Dobrich-based Milk Trading company acquired the Albatros hotel at an open tender. The hotel is located in Kranevo and is an independent part of the Dounarit company, based in Rousse. The price of the deal was BGN2.15MN. The trustee in bankruptcy of Balkancar Holding Boyana Karaivanova will try to sell through direct negotiations 100% of the capital of the France-based subsidiary of the holding, Technocar. The initial price is EUR110. By July 16, Ms. Karaivanova will also be offering a 99.79% stake of the capital of Balkancar Hungary. Bidding will start from EUR1.98MN.An Israeli company is going to build a biological products plant in Shoumen. The investment amounts to USD15MN. The plant will be located on 100 dka and will open 150 jobs.The shareholders of Pirinsko Pivo are going to vote for the company's merger with Shumensko Pivo at the general meeting scheduled for August 9. In turn, Shumensko Pivo will change its name into Carlsberg Bulgaria AD. Currently, both Bulgarian breweries are property of the Danish Carlsberg Breweries.

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