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The shareholders of Sofia Film AD will vote for writing the company off the register of public companies on the annual general meeting fixed for March 19. The Geoengineering AD Board of Directors is going to make a proposal to the shareholders for closing the company. The proposal will be presented at a general meeting on April 5. Nafta Trading AD will raise its capital following a vote at the general meeting planned to take place on April 6.On March 4, the Privatisation Agency (PA) announced an open tender for the sale of the holiday station in the village of Kranevo. The station is an independent part of the Sofia-based Water Industry EAD. The initial tender price amounts to BGN120,000. The PA also announced opened tenders for the sale of the Shabla Complex Station and the Kamenar Automoto Range - independent parts of the Sofia-based Vointeh company. The initial tender prices are BGN14,700 and BGN2,900 respectively.The Stara Zagora Regional Court initiated insolvency proceedings against the local Ustrem-Topolovgrad AD company. Nikolay Vulkov was appointed temporary syndic of the company. The first meeting of the creditors is fixed for March 17.

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