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The Sliven-based Packing-house - Bourgas AD will transfer assets evaluated at BGN176,000 to the Milling Complex of Sliven. Thus, the former Bourgas enterprise will support the increase of the Sliven-based mill's capital to BGN3.5MN. Packing-house - Bourgas is a public company and for that reason it cannot directly merge into the mill, whose paper is not traded on the stock exchange. Both companies are within the structure of the former privatisation fund Mel Invest Holding. Darina Pavlova and Boyana Pavlova succeeded the deceased Iliya Pavlov and Bikolay Vulkanov as members of Elcable's Supervisory Board. This was decided at the general meeting of the company's shareholders, held last week. Mr. Vulkanov has been appointed a member of Elcable's Management Board. Ms. Popova and Ms. Pavlova are already in the Board of Directors of Intertravel Service.Mobikom will cut down the price of its Mobivoice service. Thus, the international conversations via INTERNET will be 75% cheaper than through the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC). The Razlog-based Pirinhart AD will increase its capital more than twice, from BGN659,000 to BGN1,459,000. The company is controlled by the Italian Valfin and the Swiss Zweta. The two companies hold majority packages in the Silistra-based Lessihart. The paper mill near the Danube was closed down two years after its privatisation, and several times claimed breaking the contract with Zweta.

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