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Bulgaria will assume its obligations as CEFTA's depository as of April 1, 2004. The original documents of the agreements closed within the organisation shall be kept in this country. Presently, Poland performs these functions but it will leave CEFTA when it becomes EU member. The customs duties for trade between Bulgaria and Ukraine will be gradually liberalized by the year 2010. This is part of the prepartions for Kiev's accession to the World Trade Organisation. A project worth a total of EUR6.3MN will be implemented in the Romani housing quarters of six Bulgarian municipalities. The money for it has been provided under the EU's PHARE programme. Roads, streets and sewerage are to be constructed within the project's framework. The Government's INTERNET website provides information about the effective permission, registration and licensing regimes. The database will be managed by the Council of Ministers' State Information department and will include exemplary forms of the necessary documents. An amendment to the regulations for the application of the State Allowances Act projects that all State bodies that grant such allowances should present reports to the Finance Minister by end-march of each year.

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