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The Agency for Post-privatisation Control will demand from the Ministry of Economy BGN700,000 in order to initiate a lawsuit against Gad Zeevi at the International Court of Arbitration in Paris. The agency's claims are for non-fulfillment of the commitments under the contract for the purchase of Balkan Airlines. The Ministry of Economy has so far allocated BGN200,000 to the agency for the same purpose. The managerial team of the paper mill in Belovo has presented to the Viece Premier Minister of Economy Nikolay Vassilev a list, includiing 89 instances of unauthorized use of the company's trade mark when trading products. Mr. Vassilev, on his part, has approached the Finanec Ministry, the Internal Ministry, and the Ministry of Justice. The management of the iron and steel works Kremikovtsi AD near Sofia has launched negotiations with the Federation of Metallurgists. The tension at the enterprise is due to the one-month delay of wages to Kremikovtis's workers and employees.The Austrian retail chain Billa opened a store in Pleven. The investment amounts to BGN9MN. The hypermarket spreads on 3,600 sq. m and will ensure employment for 120 citizens of Pleven. The manufacturer of glass bottles and jars was granted the ISO 9001 International Quality Standard Certificate. The document was officially presented by Lloyd's Register on June 5, 2003.

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