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The inspection of the Audit Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' activity for the first half of 2002 has stated violations and weaknesses in the financial accounting, financial management and budget discipline. The report, accepted with official decision on January 16, 2003, states that the Ministry has presented incomplete and incorrect reports. They do not represent the actual financial shape and property state of Mr Solomon Passy's institution, which can be attributed to the lack of uniform accounting policy. It has been found out that in the first six months of 2002 the principle of current overcalculation has not been observed, which is in breach of the Accounting Act. The primary accounting documents have also not been completely filed in - some payments have been carried out without the application of such documents.The Diplomatic Delegations Department to the Financial and Economic Activities Directorate has not taken any measures in the cases when no reports from the secondary users of budget credits have been presented. There have also been found inconsistencies between the inventories, stated by the diplomatic and consular delegations, and the summed-up revision of these inventories, prepared by the Foreign Ministry. The inspectors have found out lapses when public orders have been assigned. The records of the signed contracts were incomplete. In breach of the specialized law, the winners in the compettitions have been announced with order, instead of decision of the minister. Along with that, unregulated payments of extras to the monthly salaries of some servants of the Ministry have also been reported.On February 19 (Wednesday) the Foreign Ministry expressed its position on the report of the Audit Office. In the first place it was explained that in May, 2002, 160 state servants of the institution had received extra monthly paytment for diplomatic rank. Their salaries had been revised upwards with sums, varying between BGN2.16 and BGN51.79 per person. Still on December 29, 2003, however, in compliance with the recommendations of the Audit Office, the Ministry had freezed all extra payments. In its official position the Ministry also underlined that the reported problems had been lagging in the institution for decades, yet the present management had strong intention to clear them out.

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