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А three-member session of Supreme Administration Court (SAC) launched on December 27 the case against nominating Viva Ventures buyer of BTC. The case was initiated by the Prosecutors' Office which claims that the deal should be announced insignificant or the court should cancel the choice of Privatisation Agency (PA) of a buyer. The Bulgarian lawyer of Viva Ventures on his turn insisted on continuation of the deal as in his words the privatisation procedure had so far been perfect. Within a month SAC is expected to rule out. The Government authorized the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Valentin Tserovsky to carry out the negotiations with the Turkish Government on updating the agreement between Bulgaria and Turkey, dating back to November 4, 1998. The document ties up the construction of hydroenergy cascade Gorna Arda and highway Maritza from Orizovo to Kapitan Andreevo with the deal for export of electricity. Another clause of the agreement permits to Turkish firms to participate in the execution of both projects. The present decision of the Council of Ministers states that the Bulgarian side will insist on taking out the highway Orizovo-Kapitan ANdreevo from the agreement as construction works have still not been started. An alliance of the two Turkish firms Dogus Insaat ve Ticaret A.S and Eko Insaat ve Ticaret Ltd.STI is taking over the construction works on highway Trakia between Karnobat and Bourgas. The contract is valued to EUR45.844MN. The Executive Director of the Israeli firm Ashtrom Joseph Gollan announced he would claim against the decision of the Construction Ministry. Ashtrom was counting on winning the tender by offering the lowest price.The construction of the same highway between Orizovo and Stara Zagora will be taken by the Bulgarian partnership Runway. It includes Patstroyengineeriung, Trace Group, Patishta, Moststroy and Roads and Road Equipment.Bulgaria Air collected the greatest number of votes in the finished competition for name of the new air carrier, according to a research of the Gallopp International agency. The competition was organized by the Ministry of Transport.Another competition started on January 1, 2003 - this time for creating a graphic logo of the new air company. Authors not older than 35 years are allowed to take part in it. The winner will be known by the end of January.Ventsislav Hristov, expert in GRAO Chief Direction, was awarded Technological Manager of the Year 2002. 54 managers of significant IT projects were nominated in the competition, including Vladimir Bogoev from BNB, Christin Krumov from Bulbank, Nikolay Malezanov from BTC, Vladimir Milushev from MobilTel, and Alexandros Gavrilidis from GloBul. The Plovdiv Electricity Company chose a curious way to stimulate the correctness of its subscribers. The company offers a raffle to all of its customers who have paid their bills in time and have no earlier debts to the electricity supplier. Five winners in the raffle will receive back the amounts they've paid for November.

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