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Krassimir Angarski, Chairman of the Management Board of DSK Bank, announced to the BANKER weekly that after the evaluation of the credit institution's tangible assets, their balance sheet value has been revised upwards from BGN35MN to BGN125MN. The increase of BGN90MN will be written down as additional capital of DSK Bank.On November 27 Piritta Sorsa, Resident Representative of IMF for Bulgaria, visited Rousse and Razgrad. She met the mayors of the two towns Eleonora Nikolova and Venelin Ouzunov (who is also Chairman of the National Association of Municipalities), as well as municipal councillors and representatives of the local authorities. Ms. Sorsa discussed with them the problems connected with the 2003 Budget, the process of financial decentralization, and the cooperation between the Government and the local authorities.On December 2 the auditors Reni Yordanova and Valia Yordanova will officially announce the new independent activity of AFA. The two partners split from Ernst Young AFA, which was first announced by the BANKER weekly in September, 2002. Finance Minister Milen Velchev said that he would insist on legal amendments, to provide certain security to the tax inspectors, similar to the one, provided to the servants of the Interior Ministry. Mr. Velchev's announcement came right after the cruel assault on Nikolai Petkov, Head of the Tax Revisions Department of the General Tax Directorate.Adriana Pendeva, wife of the Director of Balkan Bank - Skopje Kiril Pendev, won the competition for head of the new office of Bulgaria Invest in Blagoevgrad. Her application is yet to be approved by the Management Board of the bank. The recruitment procedure for servants at the new subsidiary of the bank has already been launched. Presently, a project is being prepared for the reconstruction of the former restaurant of Pirinsko Pivo - The Spider, into an office of the new branch of Bulgaria Invest.

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