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EBRD President Jean Lumiere intends to visit Bulgaria in November. At the European Economic Forum which took place on September 16 in Zalcburg the banker announced that in 2002 EBRD would invest EUR1.1BN in the Balkan region which is up EUR200MN from the previous year.The international rating agency Standard Poor's cut the credit rating of the Amnerican investment bank J.P.Morgan from AA- to A+. The bank is consulting Bulgaria on the swap deal for exchange of Brady bonds with new long-term government securities. J.P.Morgan is also advisor of BCC on DSK Bank's privatisation.On September 18 Sasho Chakalsky, Executive Director of Incentive Bank, presented at Parliament the credit agreement with the Bank for Development to the European Council. According to this agreement, the Bulgarian financial institution will be launched a credit of EUR15MN and only 2/3 of the money (EUR10MN) will be covered by a State guarantee. The remaining EUR5MN will be guaranteed by a letter of intent, according which the Ministry of Finance will be obliged to preserve its 99.996% stake in Incentive Bank till the end of the five-year term of redemption of the credit.On September 25 Panayotis Varelas, CEO of Bulgarian Post Bank, will celebrate his 43-rd birthday.

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